‘Rizz God’ Memes Flood Twitter After Shams Charania Shoots His Shot With Kay Adams

Kay Adams poses for a photo.

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The “Rizz God” is back at it again. Shams Charania was seen shooting his shot with host Kay Adams on a recent episode of “Up and Adams.”

The now viral clip, which originally aired on FanDuel TV, has many on social media reacting.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen something like this take place. The pair saw the reverse dynamic a few months back as Adams was heard openly flirting with Charania on air. That flirtation involved Kay insinuating that she wanted to start a family with Shams.

While the NBA insider was talking about his childhood, Adams blurted out, “so when we have kids,” which led to awkward laughter between the two.

The two then jokingly stated that they were “obsessed” with one another.

She brought the flirtation back up in a later episode after the internet blew up with “Rizz God” memes targeted at Charania.

“Rizz God,” according to Urban Dictionary, is a person that “has the ability to spit immense game with ease towards a female and make them fall into a charm over you.”

The moniker’s stuck with Shams over time, even appearing on his Wikipedia page as a nickname.

On Thursday, it resurfaced once again.

Charania complimented Adams while on air, leading to a hilarious response online.

“We’re both from Chicago. We’re both Aries. You’re a Missouri grad, that was in my top 3… Your parent were immigrants. My parents were immigrants. I just wanna say, you get your flowers for everything you’ve built. I have a lot of respect.

“I know yesterday was Women In Sports Day, so congrats to everything you’ve done and built.”

Adams responds to Shams’s comments by saying, “I feel very loved.”

Fans were quick to chime in on the interaction.

One person asked, “Would you two just go on a date already?”

Rizz God’s still got it.