Keanu Reeves Apparently Called Someone’s Grandmother For A Chat Strictly Because She Loved His Work

Keanu Reeves Called A Grandmother Because She Loved His Work

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  • Keanu Reeves has built up a reputation as one of the nicest guys in Hollywood.
  • What makes Reeves so special is that he does all of these acts of kindness away from the spotlight.
  • This latest story of him getting in touch with someone’s Grandmother is certainly no different.

Not only is Keanu Reeves thought of as being one of the greatest action stars of his generation but he’s also developed a reputation of being one of the nicest guys in Hollywood when the cameras aren’t rolling.

Over the years, we’ve published tons of stories about Reeves’ random acts of kindness, from donating his Matrix salary to charity to buying Rolex watches for the John Wick stunt team. This latest story, which involves Keanu apparently calling a stranger’s grandmother because she was a fan of his work, is simply the latest in a long line of heartwarming Reeves anecdotes.

Granted, while the story first popped up on Reddit, therefore making its validity questionable, this just *sounds* like something Keanu Reeves would do.

“My grandmother had a crush on Keanu Reeves because he reminded her of my grandfather when he was young. Saw all his stuff, from Bill and Ted to the Matrix. She had a stroke in her early 70s and was pretty much housebound for the last 10 years of her life, so watching movies was her main hobby, and became almost like friends to her because she so rarely got to see any of her own,” Reddit user afdc92 wrote in reply to a thread that posed the question “what’s something a famous person has done that completely changed how you viewed them?”

“Not too long after the Matrix came out my uncle was in LA for business and was eating at a really swanky restaurant when Keanu came in with a woman. When he finished his meal my uncle came up to their table and said “I don’t usually do this, but I just wanted you to know that my 80-year-old mother loves you and has seen all of your movies. You remind her of my dad.”

“He said Keanu asked if he had a cell phone on him and when he confirmed that he did, he said ‘Give her a call, I want to talk to her.’ He spoke with my grandmother for several minutes and it absolutely made her year. She was so isolated and his genuine kindness to her and interest in her showed what a truly amazing man he is.”

Never change, Keanu Reeves. Never change.

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