Kellyanne Conway’s Daughter Hates Trump, Lets The World Know It On TikTok

Kellyanne Conways Daughter Claudia Hates Trump Tells The World On TikTok

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It’s been a rough couple of weeks years for White House advisor Kellyanne Conway.

Since going to work for President Donald Trump, Conway has been mocked for, among other things, her stand-up comedy and singing ability, been made fun of for not knowing some pretty basic facts, roasted after unveiling a brand new face, and, of course, who will ever forget Kellywise?

Turns out, however, that perhaps the worst critic Kellyanne Conway may have had to deal with lately lives in the same house as her daughter Claudia Conway despises the man Kellyanne works for (as does Kellyanne’s husband George T. Conway III) and is not at all afraid to let anyone and everyone know it on TikTok.



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“Believe it or not, you can have your own opinions, not influenced by your parents at all, simply by educating yourself,” Conway said in a recent video. “My views have absolutely nothing to do with my mom’s. Please don’t comment anything about her. Please don’t comment about my dad. Go find another hobby, sweetheart.”

Then there was this video Claudia posted after New York Times tech and online culture reporter Taylor Lorenz discovered her on TikTok on Monday.

Dinners at the Conway house must be a real blast.

She’s also very active on Instagram, writing on Juneteenth, “when the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” — jimi hendrix

“to the black community, YOU matter. all black lives matter. black women. black men. black LGTBQIA+. you all matter. keep fighting. this isn’t over yet. to non-black people, like myself, we must use our privilege for good. we MUST be allies. we must listen. we must educate ourselves. we ALL must advocate. this isn’t a matter of bipartisan politics. we all must check our bias at the door. we must check our political affiliations at the door. this is a human rights movement. we must come together. we will not stop speaking out until an end is put to this. let’s end systemic racism and destroy the agenda of institutional racism. let’s get on the RIGHT side of history.”

I hate to say it, but Claudia Conway is looking like she might have a future in politics.

This family is getting their own reality show before the year is over. Book it.