Kim Jong Un’s Reportedly Lost 44-Pounds And Is Chilling On His Remodeled 260-Foot Waterslide Yacht

Kim Jong Un waterslide yacht

Getty Image / Linh Pham

  • North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un has reportedly lost 44 pounds and is focusing on his health while chilling
  • Reports suggest he’s been hanging on his 260-foot mega yacht with dual water slides and an olympic-sized pool, all parked next to one of his many mansion
  • This is all going down while Norht Korea is getting absolutely crushed from prolonged lockdown restrictions
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The global news cycle that surrounds Kim Jong Un is wild. It seems like every couple of months there are reports that he’s gained a ton of weight and he’s deathly ill. Then months later he’s lost weight and living like a king on his mega-yacht docked at his various mansions. Sometimes it feels like the global press treats Kim Jong Un more as a celebrity than a dictator.

At the same time, his lifestyle sometimes resembles that of a celebrity more than a dictator. Kim Jong Un has ‘secluded’ mansions throughout North Korea and there are so many that he sometimes doesn’t visit them for years at a time.

The intelligence community attempts to keep tabs on where Kim Jong Un is using satellites and they usually do a pretty good job at it. It’s also an indicator that he’s at any given place when all of a sudden a mega-yacht shows up and people are partying.

NK News wrote about how there’s an ongoing ‘food crisis’ right now in North Korea which creates odd timing for Kim Jong Un to go party on his massive yacht. Also it’s not just one big boat that he’s partying on. There are multiples. And there are multiple mansions. Here are some excerpts from the reports:

Signs suggest that the country’s leader Kim Jong Un or his family and friends are enjoying his newly remodeled “floating amusement park” on the east coast. The boat — boasting twin twisting waterslides, an Olympic-sized pool and a multistory lounge — was confirmed docked on Monday at the private beach of Kim’s Wonsan mansion for the first time since 2019, according to Planet Labs imagery. (via)

Last week, about 10 miles away there was a 100-foot boat parked at another one of his mansions. This suggests he’s been hopping from mansion to mansion while the country is starving.

Kim Jong Un’s ‘waterslide yacht’ only just reappeared. It was one of his favorites back in 2019 but underwent a recent remodeling and has only just now shown up on satellites again.

Instead, the waterslide boat was taken in for major repairs and a remodeling job, expanding the multi-story lounge. The pleasure craft also appeared on May 24 this year being towed from its private parking spot in the Wonsan bay toward Kim’s main Wonsan mansion, but there was insufficient imagery to determine its final destination.

That ‘waterslide’ boat has dual waterslides and an Olympic-sized pool and measures 260-feet in length. That makes it one of the biggest privately-owned yachts on the planet.

There have been ‘fleets of jet skis’ spotted as recently as early to mid-June being transferred between mansions. I can’t help but wonder who in North Korea is riding on these fleets of jet skis. If it’s lucky soldiers assigned to move them for the day or if he’s got a party posse he flies in for events like that.

If you’re curious, on that NK News website there’s an entire timeline of Kim Jong Un’s moving around lately. You can see which mansions he’s been spotted at and where.