Liquid Death Canned Water: One Man’s Quest To Save Our Souls Via Death

The marketing industry was recently saved by death.

Liquid Death, that is.

Wait, what?

You see, in recent years, political correctness and self-righteous hipster wokeness has terrified brands and agencies alike, watering down the advertising industry and driving a reliance on technology over creativity.

Remember when Super Bowl advertising kicked ass? It’s been a while — to the point where we now say things like, “I remember back in the day when Super Bowl ads made you laugh hard enough that you’d fart, cough, laugh, cry and write a letter to the FCC concurrently.”

Instead, it seems advertisers have accepted defeat. Marketing has morphed into a proposition of pay-to-play, leveraging technology and moronic influencers rather than fearlessly developing creative that is so kickass that people will share it and it will truly become definitively viral.  Yep, instead of punching audiences in the face, we’re geotargeting them or whatever the digitally-driven innovation of the month may be.

Sadly, all of this comes at a time when audiences are so consistently inundated by messaging and ads that the industry should be intensely focused on using amazing creative to break through the morass of clutter that has engulfed humanity.

But alas, there is hope, courtesy of a new startup beverage brand called Liquid Death. It should remind all of us — from C-suiters to brand managers to creative directors to that dude Merl who sits in the alleyway outside our building with a Stag tallboy — that we can be creatively disruptive and don’t need to solely rely on technology to reach audiences today.

Below you’ll find two outlandish, disruptive yet extremely very different creative applications by Liquid Death.


Aaron Perlut is a writer, host of the Load Out Music Podcast, the front man for country-rock band Atomic Junkshot, and the founder of creative agency Elasticity.