If You Watch Just One Video Today, Make Sure It Is This Local News Ski Report

Local News Ski Report In Pennsylvania Photobombed By Hilarious Scene

Seven Springs Mountain Resort

  • A local news ski report turned into comedy gold when a person in the background appeared.
  • The hilarious ski report from Pennsylvania’s Seven Springs Mountain Resort has gone viral as a result.
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Local news is just the best. They are willing to do things and cover stories that national news organizations either can’t or won’t.

Which means that, thanks to local news, we get things like an awesome “What day is it?” segment, and a kid talking uber-enthusiastically about how much he LOOOVES fried chicken.

Today we head to the mountains of Pennsylvania and the Seven Springs Mountain Resort for a look at what the skiing conditions are like.

In the video, reporter Abbey Way shares the ski report, boasting about the 16 inches of snow that fell, and how “conditions are fantastic right now.”

Unfortunately, there is one skier for whom the conditions are anything but fantastic.

We know this because that person appeared in the background of Abbey’s report shortly after it began.

Just a little over a day since the video was posted to Twitter, it has been watched more than 1.6 million times. There is good reason for that.

As Abbey was explaining how great the conditions are, the person is seen making the most feeble attempt to walk down the icy steps behind her.

This person struggles so badly to remain upright, hanging on to the railing for dear life, dropping their ski poles, before finally getting upright and inching her way down the stairs. And then proceeding to still slip a little on the ice as she gingerly makes her way out of the picture.

Reactions to the video are almost as comical as the video itself. Here is just a small sampling of the best.


Of course, someone had to say what we’re all thinking…


Fingers crossed.

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