London Police Get Roasted By Millions Online Over ‘Large’ Drug Bust That Looks Like Grass Clippings

London Metropolitan police officer

iStockphoto / gynane

Social media has been an enormous boon for local law enforcement agencies. The ability to share pictures of big drug busts helps build goodwill among citizens and shows the streets are getting safer.

But it is a two-way street. When police agencies share embarrassing photos of meager drug busts they get roasted by the public.

Right now, nobody is getting roasted harder than the London police over a drug bust that looks like dry grass clippings. The official Waltham Forest police Twitter account shared a photograph of the saddest drug bust of the year.

Waltham Forest is a borough in London and the London Police are taking it on the chin over this post. The tweet has been seen over 6 million times with thousands of quote tweets and retweets. Everyone has jokes:

That official London Police Twitter account didn’t share pictures of the knives they confiscated. But they did choose to share this bag of the worst-quality marijuana anyone has seen since the 1990s.

Someone joked “Thank you for your service in keeping mids off the streets.” Another person commented “anti-Irish wanker arresting a bloke for harvestin shamrocks.”

Others chimed in with hilarious replies to this London Police drug bust:

For the uninitiated, what people are joking about here is the stems. The stems in this enormous bag of ‘cannabis’ probably weigh more than the cannabis itself. The buds appear to not have been cared for at all before harvesting.

Big thanks:

Again, that London Police drug bust tweet has been seen 6 MILLION times. Everyone has jokes.