50 Kilos Of Cocaine Stamped With Cristiano Ronaldo’s Nickname Seized In New York City

Drug Bust Leads To Seizure Of Real Gun Altered To Look Like A Toy Nerf Gun

Woman Arrested After Smuggling Cocaine In A ‘Watermelon Baby’

Customs Seized 8,387 Bongs Worth Over $142,000 At Dulles Airport Headed To LA

Man Tried To Fly To Nashville With 87 Pounds Of Marijuana In His Luggage – Almost Made It

Italian Police Seized A Package From Colombia Addressed To The Villain From ‘John Wick 2’ Before Discovering A Bunch Of Cocaine Hidden Inside

Chemistry Teachers Who Are Also ‘Breaking Bad’ Fans And One Known As Heisenberg Arrested For Running Meth Lab

Feral Hogs Sniff Out Buried Cocaine And Destroy $22,000 Worth Of Drugs

California Authorities Destroy 10 Million Marijuana Plants Worth $1 Billion

2 Suitcases Full Of Meth Worth $1 Million Were Found In Forest

$1 BILLION Worth Of Cocaine Was Seized In Philly Which Means The Hamptons Could Be Boring AF This Summer

Deep Sea Fishermen Reel In $1 Million Of Drugs After They Noticed Fish Jumping All Around Bricks Of Cocaine

Florida Woman Wins $1 Million In The Lottery Then Gets Arrested In Major Drug Bust

Cruise Passengers Busted For Smuggling Millions Worth Of Cocaine In Cheetos Bags