Macaulay Culkin Wins The Pandemic With His Kevin McCallister ‘Home Alone’ Face Mask

Macaulay Culkin Wearing A Home Alone Face Mask Wins The Pandemic

20th Century Fox

Wearing a face mask has become the new norm during the pandemic. Not just to protect yourself, but more importantly, to protect the other people you come into contact with on the off chance that you have contracted the coronavirus and just aren’t aware of it yet.

As such, face masks have become something of a cottage industry with numerous stylish, novelty and themed masks hitting the market.

One of the better types of novelty face masks out there are the ones that basically replace the lower part of your face with something funny. The best of these types of masks, however, might be the Kevin McCallister face mask that recreates Macaulay Culkin’s famous scene in Home Alone.

Pretty good, right? No way you walk around out in public wearing that and not have people laugh and/or compliment you on your taste in masks.

Even all the Karens and Terrys who refuse to wear face masks will have to admit it’s pretty good.

And if they don’t, just show them this…

Not only is the face on the mask perfectly suited for how everyone is feeling these days, freaking Mac himself is wearing it!

Of course, as one would expect, Culkin wearing “the flayed skin of [his] younger self” spawned more than a few solid jokes.

Get yours here if you want.

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