Magician Performs Tricks For Amazed Shelter Dogs And This Is The Internet At Its Absolute Best

The holidays are a rough time for animal shelters for several reasons. Firstly, they’re trying to place all of their adorably adoptable critters in forever homes. Second, a lot of people go to stores and breeders to purchase puppies and kittens as surprise Christmas presents only to discover that the pet isn’t a great fit for the family. Those animals often end up in shelters right after the holidays, shelters that are often already completely full.

Magician John Stessel teamed up with TBS to raise awareness about all of the dogs available for adoption this holiday season by going into a shelter and performing magic tricks for dogs who are completely bewildered. One second the treat is there, the next it’s gone.

This video feels like something I haven’t seen on YouTube in years. It’s so innocent. Just a magician having some fun with adorable dogs. Viewers get to see the lighter side of these pets that we might not otherwise get to see unless we visited the shelter.

I’m not here to tell you to adopt a dog. Everyone’s situation is different. Some people have intense allergies and need specific dog breeds. Some people resort to dog breeders in order to find a specific breed because that breed best syncs up with their life and lifestyle. I’m not passing judgment at all here.

But if you’re a person who wants a new canine best friend you should at least consider going to the shelter first because 1) the dog will forever remember you as the person who rescued them from the shelter and 2) every dog deserves a forever home.

If you are interested in adopting a dog you can check out the ASPCA’s website to find your local shelter.