Major League Pickleball Founder Claims It Will ‘Easily’ Be A Top Five Sport, Giving Sports Fans A Good Laugh

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There is no arguing the fact that people have really taken to playing pickleball. It’s the new badminton, frisbee golf, croquet, bowling, slow-pitch softball, cornhole, horseshoes, ping pong or [insert other games you can play at a park, in a backyard or a rec room and/or while drinking beer].

What is up for debate is, despite the millions of dollars people like LeBron James and Tom Brady are pouring into it, how many people are actually going to want to watch professional pickleball matches?

I mean, if professional slamball can’t draw viewers, and it has tried and tried and tried again on channels like Spike, Versus, and Cartoon Network (that’s right), how will professional pickleball be any different?

Well, it just well, according to Major League Pickleball founder Steve Kuhn.

In fact, not only will Major League Pickleball draw eyeballs when it airs on TV, according to Kuhn, it will “be easily a top five sport in the next five years in terms of viewership.”

That’s a bold statement, right there.

Let’s take a look at some of his competition in the world of sports, shall we?

1. National Football League/College Football, 2. National Basketball Association/College Basketball, 3. Major League Baseball, 4. National Hockey League, 5. PGA/LPGA, 6. UFC, 7. NASCAR/IndyCar/Formula 1, 8. Major League Soccer, 9. Professional Bull Riders.

So Steve Kuhn thinks Major League Pickleball will eventually surpass all but four of these sports in viewership?

Let’s see what some sports fans think…

“Bet. Not a chance. #Pickleball will continue to grow as a participant sport,” tweeted Sports Business Radio. “But it won’t come close to being a top five sport in terms of viewership. People love playing pickle ball, but they won’t watch it in large numbers. Save this tweet.”

“By 2028, the 5th annual @ESPNLosAngeles Pickleball Madness Tournament will be televised, at minimum, on The Ocho,” someone else responded.

“Badminton is exponentially more fun to watch, and that’s not like a Top 30 sport in viewership. This is a wildly transparent grift,” another sports fan tweeted.

Listen… if Dana White can’t make “sanctioned brain trauma” work on TV (TBS pulled the plug on Power Slap after the first season), who is going to tune in to watch pickleball?

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