Luckiest Man On Earth Buys 160 Tickets For One Lottery Drawing, Wins 160 Times

man buys 160 lottery tickets wins 160 times in one drawing


Oh boy, here we go again. Another lucky son-of-a-biscuit stealing all the luck away from the rest of us with an absurd story about winning the lottery. At least this time it didn’t happen in Florida.

Normally, the top prize for playing the Virginia Lottery’s Pick 4 game is $5,000. Normally.

Not for one Kwame Cross of Dumfries, Virginia though. No sir.

For you see, Mr. Cross decided that for the December 5 Pick 4 evening drawing instead of just purchasing one ticket, or multiple tickets with different numbers to up his chances of winning, he went ahead and plopped down $160 for 160 tickets, all with the exact same numbers on them: 7-3-1-4.

Take a wild guess which four numbers came up in the drawing that night?

Yep, Mr. Cross ended up winning $800,000 for a drawing that would have paid a normal person $5,000.

“I saw an address in a TV show, in the background, and for some reason it stayed with me,” he told Virginia Lottery officials. “I just had a feeling.”

Cross says he learned of his windfall while waiting in the drive-thru of a fast food restaurant.

“I thought, ‘This can’t be real!’” said Cross. “I had to pull over and check like 82 times. It feels surreal!”

He says he hasn’t decided yet what he is going to do with all of his newfound money.

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