Man Gets 25 Years For Murdering Cellmate Who Molested Underage Sister

Washington department of corrections

There’s a bizarre story coming out of Washington.

Last week, 26-year-old Shane Goldsby was sentenced to more than 24 years in prison murder of his cellmate Robert Munger, a 70-year-old who was serving a 43-year sentence for his child sex crimes. Munger apparently had molested Goldsby’s underage sister before sharing a cell with him.

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He told the news station that his unease at sharing a cell with a man who raped his sister grew into an intense rage after the child abuser started talking about his crimes in detail.

According to court documents, Goldsby snapped and beat Munger unconscious from behind with punches and kicks, and surveillance cameras recorded the whole thing. The victim died three days later.

Munger was convicted in December 2019 of child rape, child molestation and possession of child pornography. Goldsby’s prior charges included stabbing someone, stealing the police car and injuring a state trooper.

Goldsby says that he made the jail aware that he was uncomfortable sharing a cell with his sister’s rapist but was ignored until he snapped and killed Munger.

In an interview with KHQ last year, Goldsby claimed that he was already having trouble with Munger as a cell mate, and then Munger began describing his crimes. “He kept… giving me details about what happened and what he did. About the photos and videos of him doing this stuff, and it was building up,” Goldsby said.

The Department of Corrections has a cellmate policy in place that should prevent incidents like this, but an independent investigation showed screeners had no knowledge about the connection between Goldsby and Munger when they were placed together.

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