Guy Trying To Juke Caged Lion Proves Humans Have No Chance Surviving In Wild

man juking lion

TikTok / Molly niekamp

Every man likes to think he’d survive out in the wild.

TV shows make it seem possible.

It’s not possible.

Sure, a person might last for a little while, but eventually, the elements or the animals would win.

This video proves that some guys wouldn’t last as long as others.

Watch this man with as much athletic ability as Darren Rovell try to “juke” a lion in a cage.

Honestly, the lion is toying with the man. At no point does the animal try to lunge at the target. All it would take is one swipe of the paw to knock the guy into next week and the lion would end this silly game.

The commenters we’re all in agreement that the guy would have been cat food if it weren’t for the steel structure keeping the beast at bay.

Even Chad Johnson chimed in on the video.

Even the best receivers in the NFL couldn’t outrun that beast.


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