Man Knocked Unconscious When Wild Boar Attacks Him While He’s Barbecuing

wild boar close up view attacks man barbecue


Forget robots, it’s wild boars we need to keep our eyes on these days.

After almost taking out our girl Shakira in 2021, wild boars have been feeling themselves.

Last month, a boar came flying out of the woods and charged at some snowboarders in Myoko, Japan breaking one person’s snowboard binding.

Two weeks ago, at least three people were seriously injured in an attack by wild boars in Pakistan.

Then last week, a man in Otago, New Zealand was was enjoying the lake view from his deck, chilling out and having a barbecue when he noticed some piglets in his garden in chased them away.

A few moments later he was demolished by a large a wild boar.

“We were just sitting there listening to music and relaxing and about 7.45pm he said ‘that’s a funny noise down the front’. We’ve got a little garden down the front of the cottage and that was an unusual noise,” Steven Easton told New Zealand’s RNZ news show Checkpoint.

Easton, 70, recalled, “I just turned and to find a very large boar about two to three metres [6.5 to 10 feet] away and he seemed to be just flying straight towards me.

“There was plenty of room for him to get past but he [turned] slightly. And then he hit me. And I went in the air and over a bank down about a metre [3 feet] and landed on a lawn.”

Not only did the wild boar launch him into the air, it knocked him unconscious, dislocated his shoulder and clipped one of his eyes with its tusk.

“I had blood out of my nose, out of my mouth, out of my eye,” he said.

“It hit me in the eye, in the corner of my eye by my nose. The doctors seem to think there’s quite a bit of damage. My eye was completely closed by that time.”

Now he is worried about the safety of other residents in his village.

“We feel that they’ve come into town because they’ve been pushed out of the way where they live. And also at this time of the year, there’s quite a bit of fruit in town with plum trees and pear trees and stuff like that,” he said.

Perhaps the community should invest in some Komodo dragons.

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