Iowa Man Claims He Was Shot By His Dog While Sitting On The Couch

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dog with gun

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An Iowa man claims he was shot by his own dog while playing around on the couch, an outrageous incident that puts the ‘man’s best friend’ claim into question.

According to the New York Post, Richard Remme claims he and his pitbull-mix ‘Balew’ were horsing around when the dog used his paw to pull the trigger on Richard’s Ruger 9mm that he was wearing around his waist:

“I was lying on the couch, and we were horsing around, me and the dog. And I was tossing him off my lap, and he was jumping back on my lap,” Remme told The Messenger. “Apparently he bumped the safety one time, and when he bounded back over, one of his toes went right down into the trigger guard.
“My dog shot me!”
Remme didn’t even notice he’d been shot until he saw his bloodied pant leg, he told the paper.
“I’m looking around to see where it went to, and I realized it went in my leg,” Remme said. “That’s when I called 911.” (via)

Richard Remme was treated for the gunshot wound at a local hospital but it’s possible he may still need surgery to remove the bullet. According to Richard, his dog Balew is a big ol’ sissy pants and was shaken up by the incident: “The poor dog laid down beside me and cried, because he thought he was in trouble for doing something wrong.”

The only way this story can end perfectly is if this man gets his own Lifetime movie like Jack Donaghy’s girlfriend, Celeste Cunningham, did in 30 Rock. In the show, she was shot by her neighbor’s dog and then went on to become a Congresswoman:

If this dude doesn’t go on to run for Congress then all of this was for naught.

(h/t New York Post)

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