Mason Ramsey – AKA Walmart Yodel Boy – Just Dropped A Genuinely Great Country Song

I’m not going to lie, it’s been awesome to watch the comeuppance of Mason Ramsey. He started a meme yodeling Hank Williams in a Walmart in rural Illinois, but has grown into so much more than that in the short course of a month. He’s a full-on cultural phenomenon, from his endearing “Live At Walmart” concert in his hometown to his Coachella appearance, where he was adored by Gen Yers and Gen Zers with smartphones capturing every second of it. He’s already lived his dream of performing at the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville and appeared on Ellen.

Mason Ramsey bridges country-western music culture with Internet culture, a rare force of positivity in a digital culture that celebrates the Kylie Jenners and Cash Me Outsides of the world over the genuinely talented. I’m rooting for him.

Mason Ramsey just took a huge step in becoming a genuine country star with his first official release. It’s called “Famous” and it’s a lovesick country-western ballad, complete with all the hallmarks of a Nashville country radio hit: slide guitar, crooning lyricism, flourishes of his signature yodeling, etc. If you like country music, the new Mason Ramesy song stands on it’s own two legs.

You can listen to it on all the streaming services: Youtube, Spotify, Google Music, Apple Music, etc. It’s a big step towards Little Hank Williams legitimizing himself beyond just being the Walmart Yodel Boy, as much as that will always be the definitive moment at the start of his career.

Give it a listen above.

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