Terrifying Videos Show Massive Wildfire On Maui That’s Forcing People To Jump In The Ocean To Escape

smoke and fire from volcano in Hawaii


Hawaii welcomes millions of visitors on an annual basis thanks in no small part to the stunning beauty of the islands that comprise the state that’s located more than 2,000 miles away from the closest point on the American mainland.

While O‘ahu is the most popular of the major islands (thanks in no small part to the airport that serves as the state’s largest hub), a lot of people who’ve gotten the chance to tour the archipelago will tell you it’s worth going out of your way to visit Maui, which is home to a number of awe-inducing beaches, volcanos, and other natural wonders

Sadly, the island has found itself thrust into an absolutely harrowing nightmare due to wildfires that have broken out in connection to Hurricane Dora, which has pelted Maui with strong winds that have helped fan the flames that have caused some catastrophic damage that has caused officials to declare a state of emergency.

The blaze began to spread on Tuesday and quickly swept across a number of highly-populated areas—including Lahaina, which is the most populous town on Maui and draws in many of the tourists that visit the island.

According to CBS News, the Coast Guard said it rescued more than a dozen people off the coast of the town who were forced to jump into the Pacific Ocean in order to avoid being caught in the path of the wildfire.

The outlet also reports thousands of people are without power, which has hampered rescue efforts that have also been impacted by the heavy winds that have prevented helicopters from taking to the air to assist the firefighters and National Guard members who are attempting to combat the blaze on the ground.

You can obviously only hope they’ll be able to extinguish it as soon as possible and that the people impacted will be able to get the support they need in an incredibly trying time.

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