Someone Made The Most Disgusting Ice Cream Flavor Imaginable (Mayonnaise) And Everyone Has A Hot Take

ice cream cones

iStockphoto / VeselovaElena

I’ll tell you straight up that I enjoy mayonnaise on a club sandwich, on my Publix subs, leftover turkey sandwiches after Thanksgiving, etc. I enjoy chip dips made with mayo, etc. But a mother fucking line has been crossed and I simply cannot sit idly by without speaking my mind. Pork Roll ice cream was offensive enough but this has truly taken things too far.

The Ice Falkirk ice cream shop in Scotland is apparently home to some wild flavors. According to Food and Wine, this ice cream shop’s menu includes a ‘Monster Energy Drink’ flavor. Recently, they went viral for making a mayonnaise-flavored ice cream which might be the most heinous dessert/ice cream flavor imaginable. I’ll eat pretty much anything. I’ve eaten Hákarl in Iceland which is fermented Greenland Shark which has been left to rot for 4-to-5 months and tastes like ammonia. I’ve eaten pig’s brain. You know what I won’t fucking eat? Mayonnaise ice cream. that’s where I draw the damn line:

As you can imagine, after posting this photograph of mayo ice cream they went viral…and upon going viral everyone and their brother chimed in with a hot take (on Twitter and Instagram). There were plenty of ‘oh, white people!’ jokes that tend to crop up whenever mayonnaise is involved:

Miracle Whip chimed in:

This pretty much sums up my reaction through and through:

SAY NO TO MAYO ICE CREAM. It’s as simple as that. If you’re the type of person that thinks s/he might enjoy mayo ice cream I want you to check yourself into a mental health facility asap. There’s something awry with your noggin. Go get a CT Scan or any type of neurological scan.

(h/t Food and Wine)