Mina Kimes Dunks On Popular Troll Who Says She Only Got Her New ESPN Contract Because She’s A Woman

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Earlier this week, it was reported that ESPN NFL analyst Mina Kimes has signed a massive new $1.7 million per year deal to keep her at the company.

While a large portion of NFL fans who watch ESPN agree that Kimes is one of their best analysts — in fact, a profile on her from the New York Post in 2022 suggested NFL front offices were interested in her — there are some trolls who don’t like the decision.

One troll in particular, Nick Adams, claimed that Kimes only got her contract because she’s a woman. Adams also complained about Kimes having “never played a down of football in here.”

“ESPN just gave a HUGE new contract to their ‘NFL analyst’ Mina Kimes. Kimes has never played a down of football in her life, yet she will be paid $1.7 million a year to talk about it on woke ESPN. ESPN is no longer about sports, it’s about promoting equity among the genders!” Adams tweeted.

In response, Kimes perfectly trolled Adams by posting a video that proves that she has, in fact, played a down of football in her life. “Cope harder,” Kimes captured the tweet.

In addition to inking a new deal with ESPN, the 37-year-old Yale graduate also signed on with Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions for her podcast, “The Mina Kimes Show Featuring Lenny.”

Prior to landing at ESPN back in 2014, Kimes was a journalist for publications such as Fortune Small Business Magazine and Bloomberg News.

Since joining ESPN, Kimes has blossomed into a star, appearing on a variety of shows such as Around the Horn, SportsCenter, First Take, Highly Questionable, Pardon the Interruption, High Noon, and more.

In recent years, Kimes launched her own podcast and has been an integral part of NFL Live alongside Laura Rutledge, Marcus Spears, Ryan Clark, and Dan Orlovsky. She’s also served as a color commentatory for some Los Angeles Rams preseason games.

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