The Woman From The Viral Europop Parody Is Blowing Up On Instagram For Obvious Reasons

Miss Biljana Electronica audrey trullinger

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A Europop spoof titled “Planet of the Bass (feat. DJ Crazy Times and Ms. Biljana Electronica)”, one of the most viral videos of the year, has been basically inescapable on the internet in recent weeks, largely due to Biljana.

While Kyle Gordon, the comedian behind the videos, has released three different versions with three different women (so far), the only one that truly resonated with the internet was the original, which featured Instagram model and content creator Audrey Trullinger as Biljana Electronica.

Given how viral the Europop parody was and the content on her Instagram account, Trullinger’s profile has been blowing up in recent weeks for obvious reasons.

Trullinger is certainly leaning into the 15 minutes of viral fame, as she even captioned one photo with the nonsensical lyrics from the song: “When the rhythm is glad, there is nothing to be sad.”

According to Gordon, the “full” version of ‘The Planet of the Bass’ will release on August 15, which feels like a misstep given how short the collective attention span of the internet is.

If he figures out a way to bring Trullinger’s Biljana Electronica back into the equation, though, then maybe he can recapture the momentum he had when he first released the clip on social media. Trullinger blew up so much, in fact, that she spoke to the Washington Post for an interview earlier this month.

“I have just been giggling to myself, because obviously when filming it, I knew that it was going to be the most bizarre, funny video, but I didn’t know that the response would be like this. I did not think that it would blow up the way that it has. And I feel like that’s what everybody says, but genuinely, I had no idea that the response would be this ginormous,” Trullinger said of the video’s viral success.

Trullinger’s Instagram profile, which has over 126,000 followers and counting at the time of this writing, indicates that she “makes videos, sings, and acts” and is represented by Stewart Talent in New York City. She has an even bigger profile on TikTok, though, as she currently has over 1.6 million followers.