New Map For 2017 Shows The Most Popular Halloween Candy By State And REALLY, Connecticut?!

most popular halloween candy by state map

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Every year around this time some enterprising folks put together a list of the most popular Halloween candy by state and put them on a map. And every year we take a look at these maps and wondering just what in the hell some of these states are doing?

In 2015 we were baffled by the fact that the most states picked that abomination called candy corn as their favorite, the most of any candy. Yes, I am looking at you Oregon, Wyoming, Tennessee, Texas and South Carolina.

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In 2016 we had enough of that nonsense and formulated our OWN definitive list of the 45 Worst Halloween Treats You Can Ever Receive.

So, now it’s time to see if the states in this great land of ours got our message as created an interactive map that shows a ranking of the top three most popular Halloween candy selections in each state using 10 years of sales data.

Here’s what they discovered (hover over each state to see their top three candies)…

[protected-iframe id=”ebc17e335099525f9233009df61e4d3f-97886205-92827192″ info=”” height=’480′]

Yep, once again that freaking candy corn is still the most popular in a bunch of states? I give up on ever trying to figure that one out.

And really Connecticut? Almond Joy is your favorite? Out of all the candy in the world? Sigh

Check out the entire study over at

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