Mother In India Rides A Scooter 870 Miles To Pick Up Stranded Son

Getty Image

Potentially polarizing story here. Some say that mama Begum should never have been allowed to travel that far during quarantine; others applaud her motherly courage. What a feat! 870 miles on the sort of vehicle you know more from its beep sound than from seeing it in America. A distance equivalent to New York City to Milwaukee. On one of these puppies:


Think of how many mosquitoes would fly into your mouth. Think of how numb your hands would go from the thing shaking from every pothole. Incredible.

Who’s this policeman who wrote her a letter of permission? What’s going on there? I’m about 100% sure that if I buzzed over to the local Freeport, Maine police department and asked for a letter allowing me to scoot on over to Nashville, they’d laugh in my face. Culture divide, I know.

Glad the boy made it home safe. Sounds like a promising young man. The whole story reminds me a bit of the plot of Lion, which is truly one of the best movies I’ve ever seen in my life.

Thanks to all the moms out there, whether they’re picking sons up from soccer practice or from a town 870 miles away.