These Reddit Posts Dedicated To Random ‘Facts’ About Movies Are A Much Needed Laugh

shitty movie details reddit

via Reddit / shittymoviedetails

Are you one of those people who obsess over Easter eggs, hidden images, subtle dialogue, foreshadowing, and the backstories about how and why movies are made?

Well, this article isn’t for you.

If you’re one of those people who laughs at the dumb shit that happens in movies – and life – you’ve come to the right place.

My new favorite sub-Reddit is /shittymoviedetails.

Created two years ago, this Reddit section of the website is dedicated to poking fun at movies, pop culture, actors, plots, and sometimes just life in general.

Honestly, it’s hard to accurately describe this sub-Reddit. That’s the closest I can get and you’ll have to just figure out the rest for yourself.

Instead of explaining, it’s much easier to just share the funniest, weirdest, and most bizarre submissions from the last year.

[via /shittymoviedetails]


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