Mr Beast Pushes Back At Critics Accusing Him Of Profiting From Philanthropy

Mr Beast

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Mr. Beast wowed the Internet this week when he gifted 20,000 pairs of shoes to kids in South Africa.

According to Mr Beast, whose real name is Jimmy Donaldson, he chose this latest philanthropic YouTube stunt to help bolster education in South Africa. In the video, he says “for hundreds of thousands of kids in South Africa, the only thing standing between them and an education is a simple pair of shoes.”

Naturally, there were millions of people angry online that Mr. Beast chose to gift 20,000 pairs of shoes to kids in need because the Internet has to get mad about everything.

This also happened recently when Mr Beast cured 1000 people of blindness and the Internet grabbed their pitchforks.

This time around, Mr Beast isn’t taking the criticism lying down. He is pushing back at critics accusing him of profiting off philanthropy and explaining that *ALL* revenue from this specific YouTube channel goes toward charity.

The person who said ‘this isn’t really charity’ and got a reply from Mr. Beast wrote “people praising things like this like ‘good guy Mr Beast’ ignore the reality that he makes a profit from these types of videos. This isn’t really charity.”

They then set their account to private after Jimmy Donaldson replied with this response:

Mr Beast pushes back at critics


He then responded to another critic accusing him of profiting off Beast Burger. Donaldson explained how that was and still IS an initiative to save restaurants in need.

Mr Beast defends Beast Burger to critics


Fans of Mr Beast, and people who generally just aren’t insane when it comes to charitable acts and making a difference in the world, supported him on Twitter.

Making a profit off improving the lives of 20,000 people is wrong?

Heavy is the head that wears the crown:

He doesn’t have to explain himself to anybody. But, it is nice to seem him explain what’s going on so his critics aren’t yelling in an echo chamber:

Mr Beast is one of the wealthiest people on the Internet. His net worth is estimated at over $100 million. Unlike most people in his tax bracket, he’s publicly philanthropic and makes a difference in people’s lives.

It’s remarkable how people can get angry over anything and everything.

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