Nancy Cartwright Doing 7 ‘Simpsons’ Character Voices In Under 40 Seconds Is Tripping Me Out

by 1 year ago

Nancy Cartwright has worked on The Simpsons since Season 1 and famously voiced Bart Simpson as well as a ton of other recurring characters. It’s easy for us to disassociate an animated character with the person behind that voice. An example of this would be Bob from Bob’s Burgers and Sterling Archer from Archer both being voiced by H. Jon Benjamin. Two completely different characters with the exact same voice.

Nacy’s gift is she can voice a ton of different characters on The Simposons and many viewers are none the wiser. Characters voiced by Nancy include Bart Simpson, Nelson Muntz, Maggie Simpson, Todd and Rod Flanders, and a literal shit ton of others.

In this clip above, Nancy Cartwright shows fans how quickly she can switch between characters by voicing 7 of her recurring characters in under 40 seconds. This might not be tripping you out as much as it is for me, but I’m pretty blown away by Nancy Cartwright’s ability to turn it on and shut it off in a matter of seconds.

[h/t r/videos]

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