Netflix Just Dropped Another ‘Narcos’ Season Three Trailer And Holy S**T It’s Intense

Narcos Season 3 Trailer


Netflix just released the Narcos Season 3 trailer and it looks like Season 3 will start off just as tense as Season 2 left off. Season 2 of Narcos was a pretty spectacular ending. If you aren’t fully caught up on the show you should catch the bus now because I’m going to talk about how last season ended in 3…….2……..1………After they shot Pablo Escobar and took down the most powerful drug lord the world had ever seen, the DEA still had the Cali Cartel to deal with:

In the final scene of Season 2, we saw that the focus of Season 3 would be shifting to the DEA stopping the Cali Cartel’s flow of cocaine into Miami, New York, and the rest of the United States. A lot of Narcos fans like myself were nervous throughout Season 2, worried that there might not be a Season 3. It’s no secret that Pablo Escobar was killed on the run after being hunted by Colombian forces and the DEA for years. But it was never clear if Netflix would kill off Pablo Escobar in Season 2 or stretch out Pablo’s life on the run into Season 3. After they shot Pablo, that concern set it, but all worries were cast aside when Netflix finished Season 2 with some nameless government agent asking Agent Peña something along the lines of ‘tell us everything you know about the Cali Cartel’.

As we see in the Season 3 trailer for Narcos, the main focus to start this season will be the transfer of power in the wake of Pablo Escobar’s death. The Cali Cartel was already one of the largest drug operations the world has ever seen, but with the void left behind by Pablo Escobar’s death, their power grew exponentially overnight…So, who else is as hyped for Narcos Season 3 as I am?

This is actually the second Narcos Season 3 trailer to hit the web, the last came just a few weeks ago, and you can check it out by following that link!

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