NASA Developing Next Generation Of Spacesuits With Built-In Toilets But Facing Some Challenges

by 1 year ago


When transporting human beings into space, there are so many challenges to overcome such as dangerous space radiation, defying gravity and the awful effects zero gravity has on the body, lack of food and water, and space debris obliterating your spacecraft. Then when you get down to about #4,176,121 on the list of challenges of space travel, you find that simply going to the bathroom in space can be a logistical and messy nightmare. The issue of astronauts having to go to the bathroom while on an intense space mission is being tackled by NASA engineers as they attempt to design the next generation of spacesuits, but they are encountering some hurdles.

A zero-gravity environment makes going to the bathroom a real problem, shit can literally hit the fan. NASA is completely aware of this issue and they are designing the next generation of spacesuits with built-in toilets. Any chance I can get one of these spacesuits before the NFL starts up again so I can enjoy Sunday football by never having to get off the couch?

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