The Natty Light 77-Pack Only Costs $34.99


Last week we broke the news of the new Natty Light 77-pack, a modern marvel in beer packaging. It weights 64-pounds and it’s only available in College Park, Maryland, as of right now.

What we didn’t disclose about this light beer behemoth, however, is the price.

Bros around College Park are starting to buy this 77-beer beast, which means we have reports of pricing. Yesterday our friends over at Whiskey Riff revealed a price that the Natty Light 77-pack cost $30, which breaks down to about 40 cents per beer.

Meanwhile, Darren Rovell reports a price of $34.99. The Bros in his pic are also rocking some sick Naturdays swag, of which I’m extremely jealous of.

Which raises a good point…

That’s about 45 cents a beer, for those keeping track.

Meanwhile, we reached out to a BroBible reader in College Park to give us the DL on how much he paid for the Natural Light 77-pack. We’ll update this post when he lets us know how much he paid for the Natty Light 77-pack, so we don’t have to just take Rovell’s word for it.

UPDATE: Our BroBible source reports he pod $30.99 for the Natty Light 77-pack

Regardless, a price point under $40 is A PRETTY SWEET DEAL for that many Natties. Have to wonder if the price will stay the same *if* and *when* they do the promotion elsewhere.

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