Officer With Zero Patience For Illegal Road Block Near Burning Man Plows Through Barricade

traffic jam in the desert

iStockphoto / Robert Michaud

An officer-related incident has gone viral near Black Rock City, Nevada, the site of Burning Man, after climate protestors set up an illegal road block causing a massive traffic jam.

Drone footage of the roadblock showed traffic backed up for several miles on the 2-lane road. Another video showed the officer’s arrival and subsequent arrest of the people who set up the illegal roadblock.

This aerial footage shows just how deep the road block was:

According to a report from 2 News in Reno, Nevada, the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribal Ranger is now under investigation after deftly handling the illegal road block.

There were five protestors at the scene of the illegal road block who were cited and released, one of whom declined medical treatment according to 2 News.

The video has racked up over 3.3 million views since the incident occurred on Sunday. It has divided people across the Internet. According to Nevada’s NRS 484B.297, it is illegal to walk alongside a highway. So the legality was never in question as there was clearly a law being broken.

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