Olivia Dunne Is Back Doing ‘Beachnastics’ Backflips In Her Bathing Suit During Summer Vacation

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Olivia Dunne’s “beachnastics” is back for the summer.

During an interview with Sports Illustrated, Dunne revealed that her most viral TikTok videos are the ones in which she does gymnastics.

“My most viral TikTok got 35.7 million views, which is crazy. I can’t even wrap my head around, but I’m just showing off my gymnastics skills,” said Dunne.

It doesn’t hurt that Dunne does a lot of her gymnastics videos while at the beach.

In her latest viral TikTok, Livvy brought back her famous “beachnastics” backflips.


beachnastics for the win:) foryou gymnastics beach

♬ original sound – Drake

At least she landed this backflips. The last time Livvy tried to do some “beachnastics,” she landed flat on her face.

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