Avoid Heartburn This Holiday Season With A Dissolvable Tablet That’ll Keep You In The Game

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It’s about to be stuffing season… and turkey and ham season… and lots of bread and spices and butter and sweets and booze and chili season, among other hearty things, which means, if you’re a guy who experiences heartburn, you might not be so thrilled with all the grub you’re about to have at your disposal.

Instead of getting bummed about things, though, how about you try something a little bit differently this year? No, that doesn’t mean skipping all the food placed in front of you — that would be a travesty — but, instead, taking a Omeprazole ODT tablet, which is an acid reducer that’s specifically designed to stop heartburn before it hits.

Want more good news? You can get $3 off on the 42 ct. product, or $10 off from the Walgreens Website by using the code ‘DIGEST10’ when spending $40+ on selected digestive health items.


If you’re anything like most guys, you frequent lots of food this time of year, worrying that it may add a little chest pain because of acid reflux. That’s normal, as studies have shown that acid reflux is on the rise. But that doesn’t mean you’ve just got to sit back and accept it — so take control and keep yourself in the game this winter with Omeprazole ODT.

Omeprazole ODT is a once-daily, dissolvable tablet that works just as well as Prilosec, but with a cheaper price tag. That means you’ll get the same (if not better) effectiveness from the store brand vs. the national brand, but won’t be leaving the store upset with how much you just spent. Plus, it comes in a much more convenient form since it’s not a pill, so you won’t struggle with trying to swallow the heartburn relief you need, but, instead, can just let it simply dissolve. With Omeprazole ODT coming in a strawberry-flavored, dissolvable tablet that’s easy to take anytime or anyplace, you’ve got convenience with you at all times.


With the holidays approaching and the copious amounts of food (probably) making its way to the plate in front of you, the last thing you need is frequent heartburn holding you back. And, while you’ll be gifting lots of things for others over the next few months, give yourself something that’s a little present to yourself; Omeprazole ODT, which is sure to keep you happier and heartburn-free when you’re eating or drinking your favorite foods.

Omeprazole ODT isn’t intended for immediate relief and may take 1-4 days to feel the full effect — so make sure you take it and stick with using it, as one dose taken every 24 hours for 14 days is the full course of treatment. You shouldn’t take this medication for more than 14 days, or more often than every four months, unless directed by your doctor. Lastly, if you’re new to disintegrating tablets, be sure to avoid chewing Omeprazole ODT and take it with water.

So if you’re looking to stop heartburn and acid reflux before it stuffs you, Omeprazole ODT is the solution you need — and it’ll let you eat what you love most during the best time of year. You can find Omeprazole ODT at Walgreens and online.

And, remember, you can get $3 off on the 42 ct. product, or $10 off from the Walgreens Website by using the code ‘DIGEST10’ when spending $40+ on selected digestive health items.


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