Vegas Mogul Sues Instagram Model Ex-GF For Secret OnlyFans Photoshoots In His Mansion, Milking Him Out Of $1.3 Million

The woman in the above photo is Stefanie Gurzanski AKA Stefanie Knight, an extremely successful Instagram and OnlyFans model, who is being sued by a former flame over some eye-raising accusations. Stephen J. Cloobeck, a Las Vegas timeshare mogul, claims he was duped into a relationship with Gurzanski, who allegedly bilked him for $1.3 million in gifts and secretly used his mansion for racy OnlyFans photoshoots. File this one under: “Millionaires posting their L’s.”

Cloobeck, 59, is suing three women who he claims duped him into dating Gurzanski, who was billed as a “fashion model.” Anyone else wish they were “duped?” Cloobeck, the former CEO of Diamond Resorts International, claims that Gurzanski is not a fashion mode, instead the lawsuit calls her a “grifter, looking for her next mark from whom she could take as much property as possible while pretending to be in love.”

Cloobeck and Gurzanski were allegedly introduced in the summer of 2020, and soon after the meeting, he split with his wife of 22 years.

“As the result of Gurzanski’s fraud, Cloobeck’s heart was broken and he was duped out of significant assets,” the lawsuit alleges. Cloobeck says Gurzanski is a “con artist” who bilked him for $1.3 million in gifts over their roughly six-month relationship, according to the Daily Mail.

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Gurzanski, who has nearly 2 million Instagram followers, has been featured in fashion magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Elle, and Vogue.

Cloobeck allegedly bought Gurzanski “jewelry, threw her a lavish birthday party, took her on trips in his private jet and spent time with her at his properties in Beverly Hills, Las Vegas and Cabo San Lucas,” according to the complaint.

“In one of the most egregious, but by no means only, examples of this disrespectful intrusion into Cloobeck’s private life, Gurzanski posed topless wearing a yarmulke from his son’s bar mitzvah,” the complaint says.

“She posed in the bathroom of his jet, in his private suite at The Mansion at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, in his bedrooms, on a yacht he rented, and anywhere else where she could sneak a photo to peddle on the internet,” the complaint alleges. “Many of the OnlyFans and social media photographs published by Gurzanski feature Cloobeck’s fixtures, furnishings, and luxury goods.”

The lawsuit alleges that Gurzanski, 26, was unclad while Cloobeck’s teenage daughter and staff were in the house.

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The lawsuit purportedly names Gurzanski, matchmaker Katherine Abigail Le, and Gurzanski’s friend Adrianna Suchor, according to the Tri Country Sentry.

“Le told Cloobeck that she could find him a woman that would take care, love and cherish him for the rest of his life,” the lawsuit that was filed on Friday states.

Gurzanski claims that Cloobeck asked her to marry him on Christmas Day, but she declined and said the relationship was over.

“Starting the day after I told Stephen that I no longer wanted to be in a relationship with him, he became unhinged and began abusing and harassing me,” Gurzanski said. “He began attacking me and everyone around me with the intent of hurting me, isolating me from my friends and family, and he also began to try and destroy my financial independence.”

The former couple have launched restraining orders against each other. Los Angeles Superior Court Judge David Swift issued a temporary restraining order on behalf of Gurzanski against Cloobeck in January, directing him not to come within 100 yards of her, her home, workplace, vehicle and 54-year-old mother, Sandra Gurzanski.

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Gurzanski, who received a temporary restraining order against Cloobeck, says she was the one misled by the businessman, who allegedly displayed controlling behavior throughout their months-long relationship, saying things like “now you can never leave me” and “You’re going to be dealing with me forever” and “I will haunt you for the next 10 to 20 years.”

“He began attacking me and everyone around me with the intent of hurting me, isolating me from my friends and family, and he also began to try and destroy my financial independence,” Gurzanski said.

“Stephen has made it very clear that unless I return to our relationship, he will continue to threaten and harass me and attempt to ruin my life,” Gurzanski said in a sworn declaration. “I feel he is acting in an irrational manner.”

Cloobeck claims that he is a victim of fraud, theft, unjust enrichment, and invasion of privacy because of the OnlyFans photoshoots at his home.

Gurzanski claimed that she hired a security guard “because I am scared of being harmed.”

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