The Origins Of Booze: How 30 Popular Alcohols Got Their Names

This clip from Mental Floss focuses on two things I dig, etymology and booze. In this short video, John runs through the name origins of 30 popular liquors. From Canada’s Crown Royal whisky being named in honor of Queen Elizabeth and George VI to Jägermeister meaning ‘Hunting Master’ in German.

If you’re like me and enjoy absorbing mostly useless information, info that you only tend to recollect after you’ve been drinking, then this video’s perfect. It covers a large swath of the booze you might find yourself drinking on any given Sunday Funday or Two-For-Tuesdays.

What are you going to do with your newfound trivia knowledge? Methinks the origins of popular liquor names make a pretty perfect icebreaker at a bar. Next time you’re cruising solo at a wedding (or bar) and see a classy lady drinking some Yellow Tail wine you can stroll on up and drop ‘did you know the name Yellow Tail refers to the technical description of a wallaby in Australian textbooks?’ Most people don’t even realize it’s a wallaby on the Yellow Tail bottle and not a kangaroo. THIS is how you go forth into the world and use this information.