Paul Bettany Teases That A Massive Actor/Character Is Going To Appear In ‘WandaVision’

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With every passing episode, WandaVision continues to let fans behind the curtain, slowly revealing both the true nature of Wanda’s suburban world and where this series is ultimately headed.
For example, just yesterday we brought you a breakdown of how WandaVision seems to be subtly working towards introducing Mephisto, the demonic, shape-shifting villain from the Marvel Comics that ranks among the franchise’s most popular baddies.

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With a villain like Mephisto potentially on the way, one can’t help but wonder if Wanda and Vision alone will be enough to keep him at bay. And as I’ve been predicting since before the series premiered, I believe that back-up will come in the form of Doctor Strange.

The inclusion of Doctor Strange towards the end of the season simply makes too much sense. Not only has Marvel Studios already confirmed that the events of WandaVision tie into Doctor Strange In the Multiverse of Madness, but the Sorcerer Supreme is more or less the only Avenger with the knowledge and/or power set to either A) rescue Wanda or B) help her in the fight against whatever multiversal enemy is on the way. And based on recent comments from series star Paul Bettany, it certainly sounds like someone of Benedict Cumberbatch’s stature could be on the way.

In an interview with Barstool Sports’ Light Camera Podcast, Bettany discussed how WandaVision — which will feature an actor he’s “always wanted to work with” — will reshape how fans view the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“I think they’re going to be massively surprised by the end of the show,” Bettany promised. “I really think people are going to be like ‘Oh my God!’ and they’re going to look at the MCU in a whole new light, and also have a much deeper understanding of what direction it’s moving.”

“I would also say that, you know, so many things get leaked and people find out about certain things but there’s this thing that’s been kept completely under wraps that happens, and I work with this actor that I have always wanted to work with. We have fireworks together and the scenes are great. I think people will be really excited, and the scenes are pretty intense.” [via Light Camera Podcast]

Now, to be clear, while Doctor Strange and Vision have appeared in the same film (Avengers: Infinity War), they did not share any scenes together, thus lending further credence to Bettany’s desire to work with Cumberbatch.


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