College Student Wins $5K Prize For Peeing Himself In Public But Never Saw A Dime After Money Is Seized By Custom Officials

At the height of quarantine back in April 2020, the “Pee Your Pants Challenge” was gaining popularity on TikTok because people had nothing better to do while locked in the house.

This stupid trend was likely the inspiration behind Dan Holt’s entry into a $5K contest being held by the Finnish sunglasses company, Nopeet.

The company urged contestants to “film themselves doing the most ‘insane’ possible stunt” then say “Nopeet made me do it!”

Contestants then had to post the footage along to social media along with the company hashtag.

Holt, 23, really needed the money so the Norwegian college student entered the contest with a few different stunts.

To win, Holt dressed up as Santa Claus and took a bong rip of tobacco inside a local shopping mall, then vomited and rode his bike into an ice cold river.

Later, he shot footage of himself peeing his pants inside the mall as onlookers gawked.

“Everybody’s jaws dropped,” he said. “People were like, what the f–k is going on? But the whole point was to do the most crazy possible thing.”

Here’s Holt’s big moment, posted to his Instagram account.

The pants peeing stunt was chosen as the winner and Holt was notified by the company.

The firm stuffed the cash inside a hollowed-out  Bible and asked Holt to film himself opening the book on Instagram.

But, according to the New York Post, the “sketchy looking package” was seized by Norwegian Customs. Holt was questioned by Haugesund Police for “failing to declare a large sum of money.”

Norpeet is trying to get the money back for Holt, writing on their IG account:

“Norwegian authorities didn’t take part in the #NopeetMadeMeDoIt challenge and now they try to steal the prize money that belongs to @igordieseltv by confiscating it. This is UNFAIR! If they wanted the prize money, they should have taken part in the challenge,” the firm said. Our lawyers are already working on suing the Norwegian authorities.”

“I didn’t do anything illegal. I was just the winner of the competition,” he said. “That’s a lot of money to me. It would help me move forward in life.”

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