The World Has Officially Gone Full Moron With The Viral TikTok ‘Pee Your Pants Challenge’

TikTok Pee Your Pants Challenge Is The Dumbest Viral Fad Yet


We have officially reached peak stupidity as a species as something called the TikTok “Pee Your Pants Challenge” has taken over the top spot as the dumbest viral fad ever.

That’s no small achievement either.

Especially when you consider the “Coronavirus Challenge” promoted by the TikTok toilet licker who said she doesn’t care if her actions cause anyone to die, and the viral TikTok trend called the “Skull Breaker Challenge” which caused people to suffer concussions, broken bones, and could have resulted in someone dying.

So, yeah, now we’ve got yet another idiotic TikTok challenge, the concept of which I suppose I will never understand – as my BroBible brethren Francis Ellis says, “Why do they always call these things “challenges”? Hold your breath underwater for a minute—that’s a challenge. Eat this plate of blazing hot wings—challenge. Get duped by two friends into cranial bleeding? How do you… pass? That’s no challenge.”

This latest bit of human brilliance is exactly what you would think something called the “Pee Your Pants Challenge” would be – standing there, filming yourself in a mirror, pissing your pants.

Not sure where the challenge in doing something we all did on the regular during our college years is, but hey, kids these days, am I right?

Apparently, according to Know Your Meme, the #peeyourpantschallenge got started less than 10 days ago when TikTok user @liamw2 posted a video of himself, you guessed it, peeing his pants and daring others to follow suit.

People being complete idiots, they did.

@_vladalp_ #fyp #peeyourpants #challange #ew #why #makeitstop #peeyourpantschallenge #pleasedont #gross #whytho #tiktokfame #normalpeople #foryou #kidsthesedays ♬ Wut duh hel – Steven Vu

So proud to be a human being right now.

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