Here’s The Percentage Of Americans Who Have Drank Or Done Drugs On The Job


I don’t think there’s a person reading this right now who wouldn’t agree that a glass of whiskey and/or a puff of the devil’s lettuce wouldn’t do them good in dealing with the stresses or boredom in the workplace. Every Friday at around 2 pm, I get the itch and it takes everything in my power not to crack open a cold one and preemptively get the party started.

I am not the only one, according to a new study done by Their team conducted a survey to determine many people from a random sample have used illegal drugs or alcohol while at work.

The survey sound that a little under a quarter of people admit to having used drugs or alcohol in the workplace.

A gender breakdown reveals that four men admits to using drugs or alcohol at work, while one in five women say they have used drugs or alcohol in a professional setting

Over one in five respondents say they have smoked weed at work. Here’s the breakdown of their frequency:

Alcohol is the overwhelming substance of choice in the workplace, followed by marijuana and Adderall or Ritalin. The survey found that a few people have even done meth on the job, which seems like a goddamn undertaking.

Dr. Mark Calarco, the clinic director of diagnostics for American Addiction Centers, told the DailyMail:

A lot of companies aren’t really comfortable having a discussion  (about addiction) with employees. We’re in an epidemic: virtually everyone’s workplace has been impacted or will be impacted for the foreseeable future.’

*Puts down 40 oz.*

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