This Philly Cheesesteak Cheesecake Is Tearing The Internet Apart And Only One Side Is On The Right Side Of History

philly cheesesteak cheesecake


I might not be from Philadelphia but I’ve spent plenty of time in the city and like to think I have a bit of a grasp on its culinary scene—especially when it comes to cheesesteaks.

There are plenty of places to pick up Philly’s most iconic culinary offering, but whether you’re going to Geno’s, Pat’s, or Tony Lukes, the formula is basically the same: you order some thinly sliced ribeye, decide what kind of cheese you want, and whether or not you want it “wit” onions.

Unfortunately, the city’s signature dish has been bastardized over the years, and if you order something masquerading as a cheesesteak outside of Philadelphia, there’s a very good chance someone will throw some grilled peppers into the mix which, for lack of a better word, is sacrilegious.

As a result, I was incredibly taken aback when I stumbled upon an absolute monstrosity on Twitter after someone decided the world needed an unholy mashup in the form of a cheesesteak cheesecake that has no real reason to exist.

In the words of Nancy Kerrigan: Why? Why? Why?

It’s safe to say I wasn’t the only person incredibly take aback by the cheesesteak cheesecake, which was almost immediately Ratioed when it started to circulate on Thursday afternoon.

If you needed any more evidence that everyday we stray further away from God’s light, I think this is Exhibit A (and possibly the only exhibit you need).

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