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Pit Viper And Hoonigan Partner For The Smoke Screen 2000s – Limited Edition Collab Sunglasses For Drift Demigods

Pit Viper Hooligan hero


When it comes to collaborating with Pit Viper, it takes a certain type of go-getter, party animal, or straight-up legend for it to work. And Pit Viper makes sure there’s a shared philosophy of demanding respect and authority while remembering not to take life too seriously!

Earlier this year, we witnessed the collaboration with NFL star Robert Gronkowski that made each and every one of us spike a football mid-company-wide briefing. Speaking of which, the star tight end’s signature Gronk Merika 2000s are back in stock, baby!

And now, Pit Viper is back with an all-new, limited-edition collaboration. Let’s just say, it’s a bad day to be a tire! Teaming up with automotive media giant Hoonigan, Pit Viper has released a limited edition collab sunglass: the Smoke Screen. Designed by Hoonigan, made by Pit Viper, these shades will protect your eyes while your car sets on fire.



The Smoke Screen 2000s

A limited number of Smoke Screen 2000s are available on for $119. With a Z87+ safety rating for “tuning and honing,” custom clear smoke design by Hoonigan, and custom soft bag and box, these shades are built for slaying tires.

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Pit Viper - Smoke Screen

Bright orange accents glow like your brake rotors after a good hoon. And the durable construction ensures these bad boys can be flung off, run over, and drifted on better than any other pair of sunglasses out there.

To borrow the words of Pit Viper’s VP of Stunts, Jim York—these shades are “the best thing since internal combustion.”


Pit Viper x Hoonigan

The term Hoonigan is defined as “a person who operates a motor vehicle in an aggressive and unorthodox manner, consisting of, but not limited to, drifting, burnouts, doughnuts as well as acts of automotive aeronautics; one who hoons.”

PV Hoonigan


Sounds right up Pit Viper’s alley! Hoonigan thought so too.

“Pit Viper takes Hooning to another level of crazy. From jumping limo’s, mini vans, and PT Cruisers to installing a Nitrous Kit into a limo just to burn it down. This partnership was long overdue.”

Inspired by Pit Viper’s crazy stunts and nurtured by their shared partnership with Travis Pastrana, this limited-edition collaboration just feels right, like seltzers at a white girl party or doughnuts in a parking lot.

Couldn’t have said it any better! A pair of shades dedicated to the true tire slayers and drift demigods out there. Grab yourself a pair for the joyride of your life.


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