New Jersey Declares Itself The ‘Pizza Capital Of The World’ (And They’re Right)

The state of New Jersey declared that they are the pizza capital of the world, over New York and Italy.

iStockphoto / Nicholas77

New Jersey gets a bad reputation (Thanks Jersey Shore), but the Garden State has a few things going for it. N.J. has Joe Pesci, pumping your own gas, pork roll egg and cheese, and fantastic pizza. New Jersey is so proud of their pizza that they have declared their state to be the pizza capital of the world.

Sunday, February 9th, is National Pizza Day, and when you think of the carbohydratey slice of heaven that is pizza, you either think of New York City or Naples, Italy, the birthplace of pizza (Nobody of sound mind considers Chicago as the best pizza on the planet). New Jersey says fuhgeddaboud NYC and Italy, because they believe they’re numba one when it comes to pizza.

The official Twitter account for the state of New Jersey proclaimed that they are “THE PIZZA CAPITAL OF THE WORLD.”

Peter Genovese, a food columnist for, confirmed that New Jersey is the best for pizza. “As the person who has eaten at more NJ pizzerias than anyone on earth, I support this message,” Genovese tweeted.

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont scoffed at the idea of New Jersey having the best pizza in the world and America. Connecticut pizzerias have been named as having the best pizza around, especially the white clam pie from the Frank Pepe Pizzeria Napoletana in New Haven.

New Jersey has been quite boastful as of late, less than a month ago, NJ declaring itself the “Bagel Capital of the World.” This is also probably correct, and is going to piss off a lot of New Yorkers.

The NYPD account chimed in to say that “New Jersey is canceled,” but NJ told the cops to “stick to donuts.”

Anthony Bourdain, who grew up in New Jersey, proclaimed that the best cheesesteak in the country isn’t in Philly, but in New Jersey.

Also, pineapple does not belong on pizza.