Post Malone’s ‘Tiny Desk Concert’ Is Worth Every Second Of Your Time

Post Malone playing an acoustic guitar

Getty Image / Nina Westervelt / Variety

This has been a banner Summer for NPR’s Tiny Desk Concert series but Post Malone‘s Tiny Desk Concert is as good as it’ll ever get, and it’s the high point of the year so far.

I wasn’t sure if NPR Music would be able to top Juvenile and Mannie Fresh’s performance from earlier this Summer. Then came Gwar, Cypress Hill, Action Bronson (!!), and now they’ve dropped a Post Malone Tiny Desk Concert that’s so good we might never stop listening to it.

Post Malone’s Tiny Desk Concert Is As Good As It Gets

Just hit ‘play’ and enjoy. This is Posty at his best, chilling with friends, making music with an ensemble, and getting to enjoy every second of what he does for a living:

This has been a banner Summer for Austin Richard Post Malone. He wrapped up the final leg of his ‘Twelve Carat’ tour in Europe. That portion of the tour alone earned him a reported $26 million across 17 concerts just in ticket sales, and a reported $93 million across the Europe + North America shows.

Post Malone’s track ‘Something Real’ was also named as the 2023 College Football Anthem by ESPN. It was easily their best CFB anthem choice in years and it’s not even close.

As if all that wasn’t enough, Post Malone became the proud owner of the ‘One Ring To Rule Them All’ special edition Magic the Gathering card. It’s a 1-of-1 card that Post reportedly paid up to $2.6 million for, though some outlets report he paid $2 million.

The secondary market for rare Magic the Gathering cards has gone through the roof in recent years. As millennials who grew up playing MTG and were unable to afford the rarest cards (same with Pokemon cards) begin to earn money, they spend that money on the things that bring them joy. Nostalgia is a huge source of joy in one’s life. This isn’t the only reason the MTG trading cards market has exploded but it’s certainly a contributing factor.

Oh, he was also the recipient of a Song Writer’s Hall of Fame award. So yeah, it’s been a pretty great Summer so far for Post Malone.

Post Malone’s Tiny Desk Concert from NPR Music opened up with ‘Sunflower’, a song that has been certified platinum 17 TIMES by the RIAA, the most of any single in RIAA history.

He followed up ‘Sunflower’ with ‘Fall Apart’, and opening with a 1-2 punch like that is as good of a reminder as any that Post Malone is a nonstop hit maker. The third track in Post’s Tiny Desk Concert is ‘Circles’. It just gets better by the minute.

For his fourth song, he ‘attempted’ to sing ‘Enough Is Enough’ of the new album, Austin, that was released on July 28th, his fifth studio album. Always a professional, Post Malone admitted “this was a dream” for him.