Identity Thieves Are Loving All The People Posting Their Vaccine Cards


Tired of seeing people posting their vaccine cards on Instagram? Good news is, identity thieves might put a stop to it:

Most regular people know it’s not that sweet to post their vaccine card on social media, for a couple reasons. First, there are a lot of people who want the vaccine but can’t get it yet, so you’re just rubbing it in their faces. Second, it’s like posting your “I voted!” sticker on Instagram. Just… we get it. Alright? Stick to dogs, your engagement ring, and a couple sunsets. That’s your lane, Erica.

Turns out there’s another solid reason not to post your vaccine card: identity thieves. Those pirates of the interwebs who prey upon unsuspecting parents who will open any email, anytime, anywhere. I have an abject fear of having my identity stolen. As I type this, I’m looking at three old laptops that sit in a grocery bag on the floor next to my desk, collecting dust, because I’m too afraid to throw them away. That’s 15 years of computers and who knows what sort of secrets they hold. Someday, I’ll make the trek to Mount Doom to dispose of them properly. Until then, they will marinade safely through the years where no thief can crack my eastbay password.

Now, I had no idea that all these scoundrels needed was your BIRTHDAY to get cracking. What?! The second I heard that, I took down my birthday from my twitter profile. It’s a tough decision about Facebook, given that that is where I receive the majority of my birthday love. But good God almighty, is that true? Can identity thieves really do a lot of damage with just your name and your birthday?

Might need to stop reminding people online when it’s my birthday…