Men’s Sex Health Facts And Quirks That All Dudes Should Know For Better Performance

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Even if you’re a self-proclaimed “Casanova” in the bedroom, you still join the long list of men who can’t help but stress about performance in the bedroom. To be blunt, we all wonder if we’re great, bad, good enough and, more importantly, practicing safe sex health.

Instead of having performance anxiety, though — which can actually lead to more trouble — go ahead and get yourself some A+ products from Promescent. As the premier destination when it comes to helping men and women perform their best (whether with a partner between the sheets, or when going at it solo), Promescent’s supplements, sprays, lubes and condoms are a great way to really have a great experience.

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To better help you understand how (and why) Promescent can help you reach maximum potential while you’re exploring your fantasies, we’re giving you some men’s sex health facts to better educate you; and then some suggestions on which Promescent products will help as a solution. Hey, we’ve got to look out for you, fellas.

1. Men last, on average, about five minutes during a little bedroom action, while women last about 18 minutes. This is known as the orgasm gap. A Promescent solution to fix this could be the Delay Spray, which can help work to keep you from releasing a little too soon.

2. The most sensitive part of the penis is the frenulum, and, if it’s too sensitive, it typically leads to premature ejaculation — which is every guy’s fear when in the bedroom. Likewise, a Promescent solution to fix this could be their Delay Spray.

3. Schmegma is a real thing — and for those who don’t know what it is, it’s a foul smelling cheese-like secretion, that can form under male foreskin. Hygiene and cleanliness before and after sex are important to keep your penis in tip-top health, and Promescent’s Before and After Wipes are the solution to stopping this (gross) problem from ever happening.

4. The average size of an erect penis worldwide is just over five inches, so don’t worry if you’re not in the one-percenters you see in adult films.

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5. Erectile dysfunction (ED) starts sooner than you may think. In fact, about 40 percent of men say they’re affected by ED by the time they’re 40 years old — so you better use it before you lose it, right? Kidding, but you get the point.

You can slow down this process by staying healthy, not smoking and eating clean. Additionally, VitaFLUX by Promescent is a nitric oxide booster that helps men retain healthy blood flow and nitric oxide levels into their older ages, which, in effect, helps improve ‘penis performance’.

6. Some studies suggest that ED medications can exacerbate earlier and more severe ED. Why risk it, though? With Promescent’s VitaFLUX capsules, you can increase energy, vitality and blood flow.

7. Male ejaculate exits the penis at a speed that’s over 20 MPH. Don’t worry, though, no cops will be pulling you over — unless you’re into some sort of role play situation between the sheets.

8. Masturbating without lube can be really harmful to the penis. And if you’ve never tried to masturbate with lube, you’re missing out. Bringing an all-natural feeling that’s 100% paraben-free, odorless, colorless and greaseless, Promescent Lube is a must-have when partaking in some solo action.

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