Rapper Quavo Reportedly Had Car Dealership Take Back Bentley He Gifted Saweetie After Their Break Up

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It seems like Quavo wasn’t going to allow his ex-girlfriend to keep the Bentley he gifted her after their public breakup.

Back in December, the Migos rapper gave his then-girlfriend Saweetie an expensive “iced-out” Bentley as a Christmas gift.

Unfortunately, Saweetie and Quavo broke up earlier this week and they’re both accusing each other of being responsible for the relationship falling apart.

According to a report from Media Take Out, Quavo had leased the Bentley in his name and contacted the dealership to end the lease early which led to the car getting repossessed.

Via Media TakeOut

The friend claims that the Bentley was “leased” in Quavo’s name. And that the Migos rapper had a deal with the dealership that he could for a fee end the lease early, and the dealership would repossess the car and let him out of the contract.

And that’s exactly what Quavo did, according to his friend.

The insider continued, “He’s not being petty or anything, but she’s on Twitter talking sh*t. So he took back the car”.

The Internet immediately had jokes about Quavo having the Bentley repoed.