Absolutely Crazy Person Escapes Sleeping Bag Full Of Poisonous Rattle Snakes To Make A Point

by 12 months ago

Shutterstock / Tom Reichner

This is one of the craziest clips I’ve seen in a long time. It was filmed at a snake show in Blanco, Texas where these people try and educate the public on what to do if you’re ever in a life-threatening situation with a poisonous snake.

The woman, Jackie Bibby, lays inside of a sleeping bag as her friends repeatedly pick up poisonous rattlesnakes and put them inside of the sleeping bag with her. After filling the sleeping bag to the brim she then slides out of the bag to show the crowd how to get out of their worst nightmare situation:

“I went to the snake show to help a friend named Jackie Bibby, he holds 5 Guinness book world records. He was putting on a snake show in Blanco, Texas. We do these shows and round ups to educate people on what to do when in a situation with a venomous snake as well as having some fun with the crowd. Our Hope’s for an ending result is for people to learn how to stay safe when around a venomous snake. To get away safely when/if they are encountered by a venomous snake and in the case of an emergency where someone gets bitten by one, what to do and what steps to take for a better survival rate. This particular show was done for a fundraiser for project graduation and it was a huge success.” via ViralHog YouTube

You couldn’t pay me a million dollars to do this. It’s not that I’ve got a crippling fear of snakes or anything like that, I’ve just got a healthy respect for any poisonous creature which is capable of ending my life with one bite.