Man Spends 40 Years Visiting Every Cracker Barrel In The Nation, Visits His 645th On His 81st Birthday

Ray Yoder Visits 645 Cracker Barrels

Cracker Barrel

Ray Yoder is the man. He spent his life driving coast to coast across our great nation, delivering RV’s to RV dealerships. Along the way, he decided that he was going to make it his life’s goal to eat at every Cracker Barrel restaurant in the nation.

On the day of his 81st birthday, Ray Yoder completed his mission while visiting his 645th Cracker Barrel across 44 different states. According to ABC 7, Ray Yoder celebrated his monumental feat by putting down some blueberry pancakes. Ray’s wife Wilma Yoder celebrated her husband’s achievement with eggs and sausage.

Ray Yoder drove over FIVE MILLION MILES in his quest to eat at every Cracker Barrel restaurant in America. His quest to eat at every Cracker Barrel in America started 40 years ago and he achieved the goal by eating at a Cracker Barrel in Portland, Oregon on his 81st birthday this week. Media was on hand to film the monumental occasion and the Cracker Barrel family rolled out the red carpet for Ray while presenting him with a special award.

But, it’s not over yet. Ray and his wife say they’ll continue to drive coast to coast, hitting up every new Cracker Barrel Country Store in America as new restaurants continue to open. California’s set to open its very first Cracker Barrel Country Store in February of next year in Victorville, and Ray Yoder and his wife Wilma are certain to be there. (h/t ABC 7)

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