Recap ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season Finale ‘The Dragon And The Wolf’ With The Best Twitter Reactions

by 2 years ago
game of thrones season 7 finale reactions


You know the drill, spoilers ahead. This season of “Game of Thrones” was faster than a raven flying 1,900 miles from Eastwatch to Dragonstone. The Season 7 finale titled “The Dragon and the Wolf” saw old friends and foes reunite, Littlefinger’s demise, a truce, treason, boatsex, Jon Snow’s real name finally revealed, and a motherfucking ice dragon in action.

The huge meeting in the dragonpits featured some of the biggest living characters remaining in “Game of Thrones.” Many of them would love to slice the throat of someone else. Sounds like good times.

All of the sudden Theon has balls. But not literally.

Littlefinger attempted to slither his way out of another power struggle that he ignited, but then Bran put the kibosh on Petyr Baelish’s antics with some Greenseer proof.

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