Robin Williams Warned Young ‘Mrs. Doubtfire’ Co-Star About The Dangers Of Drugs: ‘It Was A Gift’

Robin Williams Warned 'Mrs. Doubtfire' Co-Star About Dangers Of Drugs

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  • Matthew Lawrence starred with Robin Williams in the 1993 family comedy Mrs. Doubtfire.
  • Lawrence recently revealed how Williams gave him a “gift” by warning him about the dangers of drugs.
  • Williams openly struggled with addiction issues throughout the entirety of his career.

Matthew Lawrence, who starred as Chris Hillard in the 1993 film Mrs. Doubtfire, has recently revealed that the late, great Robin Williams gave him a “gift” by warning him about the dangers of using drugs.

During an appearance at ’90s Con over the weekend, the now 42-year-old detailed how Williams told him to not “ever do drugs, especially cocaine.” Lawrence says the advice from Williams, who passed away after taking his own life at the age of 63 back in 2014, was a “gift” in his life because as a result of Williams’ words, he stayed away from cocaine.

“He was the first adult who really let me in on his condition. Like, full-on let me in,” Lawrence said. “I mean, as bright as he was on camera — I would go visit him in his trailer to talk to him — it was painful for him. It’s really painful for him. He didn’t hide it. He talked to me about it.

“‘Don’t ever do drugs. Especially cocaine. He was very serious. He was like, ‘You know when you come to my trailer and you see me like that?’ He’s like, ‘That’s the reason why. And now I’m fighting for the rest of my life because I spent 10 years doing something very stupid every day. Do not do it.’ I stayed away from it because of him.”

Williams’ words of wisdom certainly came from experience, as the late comedian was open about his struggles with addiction, even including the subject matter in his acts. Famously, the Academy Award winner was partying with John Belushi on the night of his untimely death.

Of all the celebrity deaths I’ve experienced in my life, Williams’ was, and remains, the most emotional. If you were a 90’s kid like me, the man was like a father figure living in the TV. Rest in Peace, Robin.

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