Real Talk: This Marble Racing Is More Entertaining Than Nascar And F1 Racing COMBINED


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I originally ran this article about 2.5 years ago but I figured since every major sport in the world is canceled I’d go back, add some fresh videos to this article, and run it again. I was glad I did because the YouTube channel changed its name and all of those old Marble Racing videos disappeared but so I’ve swapped those out for some new ones (below) but the rest of this article looks the same as it did back then.

You know those times when you’ve been surfing the Internet for hours and hours, going to a deep YouTube hole and suddenly have a moment of clarity and realize you’re watching the strangest video on the Internet? Well, that’s not at all how I arrived at this video. A buddy texted me this video last night with ‘watch this now’.

I never expected that a video about sand marble racing could be interesting. Furthermore, I figured this video would be a novelty and that I’d get bored with it within moments and wouldn’t finish watching the race. I was wrong. Sand Marble Racing is lit. I want this to take off in Vegas so we can start betting on this shizz because I’m already that hooked on Sand Marble Racing.

Seriously, check this out and tell me this isn’t the most unexpectedly entertaining video you’ve seen in weeks:



Part of me wants to spend the day going down the rabbit hole. Seeing how deep the Jelle’s Marble Runs YouTube channel goes. This dude has MONTHS AND MONTHS of marble racing videos. All of them have hundreds of thousands of views and this has me wondering…Am I the last person to find out about marble racing?

This could be the greatest drinking game of all time. Just sitting around and betting a number of drinks/sips on which marble will win. Everyone gets a marble. Winner of the race gets to make rules like in ‘Asshole’. Can we get this game off the ground already?

This one is so good too. From a month ago:

I need this sport on ESPN the Ocho ASAP.

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